How to help to translate wpTorrent

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How to help to translate wpTorrent

Postby wpTorrent » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:00 pm

If you want to correct only some words or sentences, please also reply this post directly.

If you want to help to translate the whole app, please follow the following instructions:

You may use Microsoft Multilingual App Toolkit to help us to translate wpTorrent.
1. Download and install corresponding Multilingual App Toolkit on your PC.
2. Download wpTorrent language resource file for your language in the attachments of this post.
3. Unzip the resource file and open the AppResources.xx-xx.xlf with Multilingual App Toolkit.
4. Translate using the tMultilingual App Toolkit, online Bing translation can be used as a reference.
5. Save the translated AppResources.xx-xx.xlf and zip it.
6. Send the zip file to us, or reply to this post with attachment.

We will offer you the Pro version (equivalent fee, by PayPal, you need to have PayPal account to receive the payment) for each language translation.
We will mark the language translation as "Finished" in this post when we receive a good enough translation for the language.

Please contact us if you want to help to translate but your language is not listed.

Thank you for all your help.

wpTorrent devs

Italiano, Italian ===========> translation finished. by Giacomo Qu
Español, Spanish ===========> translation finished. by Jesús Henríquez Gutiérrez
Français, French ===========> translation finished. by Thibault
suomi, Finland resource file
(8.46 KiB) Downloaded 371 times
Polski, Polish resource file
(8.46 KiB) Downloaded 333 times
Português, Portuguese(Brazil) resource file
(8.46 KiB) Downloaded 406 times
Multilingual App Toolkit
MultilingualAppToolkit.png (132.19 KiB) Viewed 19697 times
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